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Exploring microbial response to ocean acidification in the natural CO2 perturbation laboratory at the shallow-water hydrothermal field of the Kueishantao Islet offshore NE Taiwan

27/01/2015 20:40
Project # MOST 104-2911-1-110-507-MY2
Execution period 2015/01 - 2016/12
Funding agency Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST-DAAD Project-Based Personnel Exchange Program)
Budget 260,728 New Taiwan Dollars
German partner Dr.  Solveig Bühring 
Keywords Shallow-water hydrothermal field
Ocean acidification
Stable carbon isotopes
Stable isotope labeling
Conference paper
  • Lin YS, Chen CTA, Wang BJ, Liao YM, Chang SH. (2016) Carbon geochemistry of the shallow-water hydrothermal system of the Kueishantao Islet, offshore NE Taiwan. Taiwan Geosciences Assembly (May 16 -20), Taipei, Taiwan.
Publication No publication