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Estimation of methane flux and its impact in the northern South China Sea

02/09/2014 00:53
Project # MOST 103-3113-M-110-003
PIs Chin-Chang Hung, Chuan-Chou Shen, Yu-Shih Lin
Execution period 2014/04 - 2014/12
Funding agency Ministry of Science and Technology
Budget 11,263,000 New Taiwan Dollars (2014)
11,421,000 New Taiwan Dollars (2015)
Participants Mmeng-Shen Hunag (research assistant)
Ruei-Long Guo (master student)
Kuang-Ting Hsiao (undergraduate student)
Keywords Gas hydrate
Cold seeps
Methane efflux
Dissolved inorganic carbon
Dissolved organic carbon
Particulate organic carbon
Conference paper
  • Lin YS, Guo RL, Wang CC, Chen HH, Wan NJ, Hung CC, Wang PL, Lin LH, Yang TF. (2016) Contribution of methane-derived carbon to the carbon pools in near-surface sediment and bottom water in cold seeps. Taiwan Geosciences Assembly (May 16 - 20), Taipei, Taiwan. (Oral)
  • Hsiao KT, Chang YP, Lin YS. (2015) Adaptation of the HybridSPE based cleanup protocol for the analysis of phospholipid fatty acids in marine sediment. 2015 Ocean Sciences Meeting (Apr 30 - May 1), Kaohsiung, Taiwan. (Poster)
  • Guo RL, Hung CC, Wang CC, Chen HH, Wang PL, Lin LH, Yang TF, Lin YS. (2015) Assessing the contribution of methane-bearing sediment to dissolved carbon in deep water offshore southwestern Taiwan. 2015 Ocean Sciences Conference (Apr 30 - May 1), Kaohsiung, Taiwan. (Poster)
  • Guo RL, Huang MS, Lin LH, Wang PL, Lin S, Yang TF, Lin YS. (2014) Aerobic conversion of methane to inorganic and organic carbon pools assessed by stable isotope probing. 12th International Conference on Gas in Marine Sediments (Sep 1 - 6), Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Wang CC, Chen HH, Chiu LYS, Hsueh PC, Lin YS, Tseng SY, Chen CF, Lin JY. Survey and sampling tools of methane hydrate field exploration for National Energy Program. Journal of Petroleum, 52, 61-74. (in Chinese)