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Yu-Min (Nash) Liao




2014 -

Bachelor program, Department of Oceanography, National Sun Yat-Sen University

Supervisor: Dr. Yu-Shih Lin

Project: Composition and stable carbon isotopic values of phospholipid fatty acids in diffusively controlled sediment (funded by the 2016 Ministry of Science and Technology Undergraduate Research Award)


Sea-going Expedition


Cruise and Post-Cruise Research

2015/05/17 - 2015/05/18

R/V Ocean Researcher II - 2094 (R/V Ocean Researcher II, Kueishantao Islet)

Topic: Tracing the propagation of high-dosage CO2 in the shallow-water ecosystem of the Kueoshantao Islet


Conference Abstracts

Year Details


Liao YM, Chang YP, Lin YS.

Developing a new cleanup protocol to examine the composition of phospholipid fatty acids in methane-bearing sediment. (poster; winner of the student poster competition, marine chemistry, third place)

Ocean Sciences Conference (May 4 - 5), Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


Lin YS, Chen CTA, Wang BJ, Liao YM

Carbon geochemistry of the shallow-water hydrothermal system of the Kueishantap Islet, offshore NE Taiwan. (oral)

Taiwan Geosciences Assembly (May 16 - 20), Taipei, Taiwan.