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Jin-Jia (Jeff) Liang





2014 -

Bachelor program, Department of Oceanography, National Sun Yat-Sen University

Supervisor: Dr. Yu-Shih Lin

Project: Establishing a new method for oxidizing dissolved organic carbon by low-wattage ultraviolet irradiation (funded by the 2017 Ministry of Science and Technology Undergraduate Research Award)


Sea-going Expedition


Cruise and Post-cruise Research

2017/08/07 - 2017/08/10

Kueishantao Cruise 201708 (F/V Jin Lin Da Fa and Hon I Fu, Kueishantao, Ilan, Taiwan)

Topic: Tracing the propagation of high-dosage CO2 in the shallow-water ecosystem of the Kueoshantao Islet (II)


R/V Ocean Researcher III - 1968 (R/V Ocean Researcher III, offshore Gaoping River mouth)

Topic: Shipboard operation practice