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Kuang-Ting (Eddy) Hsiao





2015/07/20 - 2015/09/08

Intern, MARUM Center for Marine Environmental Sciences, University Bremen, Bremen, Germany (sponsored by the 2015 Pilot Overseas Internship)

2011 - 2015

Bachelor program, Department of Oceanography, National Sun Yat-Sen University

Supervisor: Dr. Yu-Shih Lin

Project: Microbial lipids in the methane-bearing sedoment offshore SW Taiwan


Sea-going Expedition


Cruise and Post-cruise Research

2015/07/14 - 2015/07/18

R /V Ocean Researcher III - 1869  (R/V Ocean Researcher III, Four Way Closure Ridge)

Topic: Estimation of methane flux and its impact in the northern South China Sea

2015/05/17 - 2015/05/18

R/V Ocean Researcher II - 2094 (R/V Ocean Researcher II, Kueishantao Islet)

Topic: Tracing the propagation of high-dosage CO2 in the shallow-water ecosystem of the Kueoshantao Islet

2014/08/01 - 2014/08/03

R/V Ocean Researcher III - 1785 (R/V Ocean Researcher III, mud volcanoes MV1 & MV12)

Topic: Estimation of methane flux and its impact in the northern South China Sea


R/V Ocean Researcher III - 1725 (R/V Ocean Researcher III)

Topic: Shipboard operation practice

2012/07/05 - 2012/07/09

R/V Ocean Researcher III - 1619 (R/V Ocean Researcher III, the Zhuoshui River Estuary)

Topic: Late Quaternary paleohydrology of the Zhuishui River intertidal zone


Conference Abstracts

Year Details


Hsiao KT, Chang YP, Lin YS.

Adaptation of the HybridSPE based cleanup protocol for the analysis of phospholipid fatty acids in marine sediment.

2015 Ocean Sciences Meeting (Apr 30 - May 1), Kaohsiung, Taiwan.