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2013-2017 Students

Name Program Research Project Link
Jin-Jia Liang Bachelor Establishing a new method for oxidizing dissolved organic carbon by low-wattage ultraviolet irradiation  
Hsuan-Min Bao Bachelor Signature metabolites of anaerobic hydrocarbon degradation in a subseafloor coalbed system Link
Yu-Min Liao Bachelor Composition and stable carbon isotopic values of phospholipid fatty acids in diffusively controlled sediment  
Meng-Ting Chiang Master (co-supervision, graduated) The benthic foraminifera communities in relation to cold seep biogeochemistry – an example from the Four Way Closure Ridge, offshore southwestern Taiwan Link
Daniel B. Schmidt Intern
Stable isotope analysis of suspended particles and sediment from the Kueishantao hydrothermal system in NE Taiwan  
Ya-Fang Cheng Bachelor Carbon cycle and stable carbon isotope geochemistry of shallow-water hydrothermal systems: Example of the Kueishantao hydrothermal field  
Kuang-Ting Hsiao Bachelor
Microbial lipids in the methane-bearing sediment offshore SW Taiwan Link
Ya-Ling Guo Master (graduated) Molecular composition of n-alkanes in the metamorphic rocks of Taiwan Link
J yun-Hong Lu  Bachelor
Optimization of dissolved organic acid analysis by gas chromatography mass spectrometry  
Ruei-Long Guo Master
A preliminary study on the contribution of methane-derived carbon to the carbon pools in near-surface sediment and bottom water: An example from the cold seep region of the Four-Way Closure Ridge, offshore southwestern Taiwan  Link 
Longhui Deng Master (graduated) Rapid turnover of carbon and nitrogen in silty intertidal sediment of the Yangtze River Estuary Link


Co-supervised students in Germany

Name Program Research Project/Thesis Title Link
Guangchao Zhuang  PhD student The generation and fate of low-molecular-weight methylated substrates for methanogenesis in marine sediments  
Sitan Xie PhD student Organic-geochemical studies of microbial lipids and carbon flow in oxygen-deficient marine environments Link
Stefan Braun MSc student
New cell separation procedure improves the analysis of intact polar membrane lipids of sub-seafloor microbial communities
Huangmin Ge MARUM Summer student 2010

Molecular composition of the archaeal diglycosyl tetraether lipids in the water column and surface sediment of the Black Sea

Shao-Hsuan Lin MARUM Summer student 2008 Stable carbon isotope analysis of sugar headgroups from intact glycolipids