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Weekly Report (September 28 to October 2)

Ya-Fang Cheng, Oct. 4

Saying goodbye to everyone in the office. (Solveig, Lily and Rebecca)
Time flies! I came back to Taiwan on Friday, the internship went to the end this week. However, there was some lab work to do this week since we found out some “contamination” in our sample and blank after GC-FID measurement! I was so nervous after seeing the contamination peaks, and I thought I did the extraction carefully! I considered every step I did before measurement; I really didn’t think I did anything wrong or inadequate! As a result, an idea popped up to my mind that the contamination may come from the solutions because it happened once two weeks ago that someone put Milli-Q water into the DCM bottle. I suggested that we put our solutions into GC-FID to see 
whether they were contaminated. Finally, we found out that the DCM solution we used (including DCM in original big bottle) was contaminated! After investigation of some DCM solutions from different production line, it seemed that DCM solutions from certain production line were contaminated! Despite some measurements needed to be done after I came back to make sure all 
I will miss the lab and everyone I met here!
the sources of contamination, it was fortunate that we found out where the problem was and the sample we used was testing sample! I felt relaxed for knowing I didn’t conduct any mistakes in extraction procedure.
I am really fortunate to have this precious opportunity to be an intern with Solveig, Rebecca and others in Marum, Bremen University, Germany. I not only learned l lot form people in the lab about science, but also I think I am more independent after the internship. What’s more, I am really lucky to make friends with people I met here who were so friendly and generous! This summer vacation was definitely the most fulfilled and unforgettable one in my life! 

By the way, Rishi’s baby was born this week! I really wish all the best to them!

My last meal in Mensa, 2015.

My last time of taking tram 6, 2015!