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Weekly Report (August 31 to September 6)

Ya-Ling Guo, Sept. 6

Mr. cryomill and I.
This week was a last week that I stay here. I got to finish the rest of my sample powdering work. Although it was impossible for me to powder all the sample that I brought to here, I can still finish the priority samples. Luckily, I finished powdering all the priority samples on Friday! I was so happy because I don’t have to powder the rocks with my hands after I come back to Taiwan and the Mr. cryomill finally can take a rest. I think there were too much work for him, so there were more and more cracks on him. I feel sorry to him.
(Left) The last powder. (Middle) Taking the metal ball out of the chamber. (Right) The last sample got finished!!
The weather was very cold this week especially on Saturday. There were big wind, sometimes rain, sometimes sunny and with low temperature. It was about 13 Celsius in the afternoon. The people in the lab said the winter is coming. I’m glad that I am going back because the weather is really 
complicate here. After a hard work week, Rebecca, Lily and I had an afternoon tea on Saturday. The store is really classic Europe style and there are lots of people in the store. The desserts and coffee were nice there. Although I seldom eat cakes, pies and some sweet desserts, I still like the place. After the afternoon tea, we went to shopping. Rebecca showed us some Bremen style shops. The shops and streets are small and fine and the shops always have some surprise stuff like I bought a small and classis music box once I rotated the handle there will be music coming out. It made think about my childhood. 
The afternoon tea time with Rebecca and Lily.

Say goodbye to Switzerland and our friend.
By the way, last weekend we went to Switzerland to visit Long-hui. I thought the weather in Switzerland would be cold. But actually it’s really hot, everyone wears as less clothes as they can. The most interesting thing is that we just came across their street parade. It is a big event in Switzerland every year just like the carnival in Brazil. People wear strange clothes on the street, play loud music, drink alcohol and there are several trunks with lots of people dancing on it. It was a shock for us to see this kind of event.