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Weekly Report (September 21 to 27)

Ya-Fang Cheng, Sept. 26
I enjoyed this week very much! Everyone went back from Prague, and I finally had a chance to discuss our result with Rebecca on Monday. According to the GC-MS results identification I did last week, we found out that there was something “disappear” compared to the result of GC-FID, and those compounds seemed to be “double-bond” compounds. However, Marcus told us he guessed there might be some reactions happened which might happen during removing sulfur because the double bonds could be opened by connecting with sulfur-containing compounds. What Marcus told us made sense, since there was one more time of sulfur removal conducted with sample injected into GC-MS. The best way we could do to know if the hypothesis was right or not was to do extraction again and put them into measurement before sulfur removal. So, I had a chance to do lipid extraction

Putting samples added with B&D solution in ultrasonic bath (the brown powder in the bottle was Blank, and the other one was testing sample).

Doing shaking and pouring those big funnels (2 L) and bottles repeatedly really made my arms ache a lot…
again, and I almost did it “alone”. I was so nervous when I knew I had to deal with the rest of the testing sample alone and I wanted to did very steps correct to produce trustable result of other’s sample. On the other hand, it was quit good to conduct the experiments alone for thinking all procedures clearly in my brain. Actually, I felt satisfied when I finished the extraction on Friday! What we are going to do next week is measure them (we got two samples; one is testing sample and the other one is blank) without removing sulfur on GC-FID and compare the result we had. I also learned and did the quantification of the result!

Me and my “works” (the yellow thing in the right vial was sulfur!)
As to my after-work life, I did some “experiments” at dorm! I not only cook “gruel” by myself for the first time, but also I learned to make some “steamed bun/mantou” and “Chinese pancakes” with “pizzateig” and “Blätterteig” which I bought in the supermarket! Needless to say, they were absolutely super successful!

My very yummy “steamed bun/mantou”! 

My extremely tasty “cheesy Chinese pancake with egg”!