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Weekly Report (August 31 to September 6)

Kuang-Ting Hsiao, Sept. 6

The view of Zurich Lake.
Last weekend we went to Zurich to visit Longhui. From Bremen to Zurich, we take the train NCL (night city line), that was a very special experience. Zurich is really a beautiful city I ever seen in Europe, it is surrounded by the mountains and the Zurich lack located in the heart of the city. In the first day we go to the most famous dessert store to test the chocolate and sweet. In the afternoon, we had a boat trip on
the lake. I found that all the rivers in Zurich were very clean, I almost can drink it directly. There was something interesting, in the city you can see many fountains, Longhui said that you can drink the water from the fountains. The second day we went to Rhine Fall, the spectacular fall in the Europe. We also had a boat trip near the fall, when you came close to the fall, you can felt that the water splash your body. This two days in Zurich was very happy, because we chat anything all the night and with the different kind of alcohol.

 Selfie with the Rhine Fall.

Our chef - Longhui.

At the last week, my lab work came to the final step, I start to learn how to analyze the data. The data analysis in HPLC was very different with GC. The first step I need to do was key in the mass-to-charge ratio to find out the specific lipid. The second step was check the retention time. The same mass-to-charge ratio maybe indicted different kinds of compounds, however the retention time was dependent on the polarity. Only the double check with the mass-to-charge ratio and retention time, you can identified the compound you looked for. The major compound we want to know was the series of GDGT. The day of internship in Bremen is coming to the end, I will back to Taiwan next week. I thought that everything I learn and met in there make grow up and push me forward.

The series of GDGT.