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Weekly Report (August 24 to 30)

Ya-Ling Guo, Aug. 27

In front of the Brandenburg Gate.
Last weekend we went to Berlin, but there are few people in the city. It’s weird because it’s a capital of Germany. I think Berlin is full of recent history. We visit the piece of Berlin Wall, Jewish Museum, and the compensation camp. My mood was heavy when I was visiting those place. That’s a tragedy of history. Just like our 228 event and world war two what happened in Taiwan, 
It’s a big scar that are branded on people’s heart. However, Berlin is still a nice place to go.

This Wednesday was Rebecca’s mater defense. It was held on 10 a.m. So, I got to finish the sample before her defense then I can go to her defense. Luckily, I finished on Tuesday. There are going to be five samples left. Also, Rebecca did a good job on her master defense and she got A plus. Everyone was happy for her. After her defense we ate the cakes that were made by Rebecca’s mother, It’s delicious! We chatted and drink with each other to celebrate. At that time Tommy tell us

The Berliner Dom.

Marcus gave an introduction before Rebecca’s defense.

The celebrating time.
that he saw Yushih this morning. Eddie, Lily and I were very surprise! We said ‘’Really?! Is she coming?! We don’t know that!!’’. He just gave a shocked eyes and said ‘’Yes! But that might be mistake. I might see the wrong person.’’ But after 20 minutes passed, Yushih appeared!!! That’s magical. It was a big surprise! Three of us were shocked! I think everyone was shocked at that time. After the happy time that celebrated Rebecca 
passed her defense and Yushih’s coming, we still had to work. I kept cracking my new rock sample and prepare to powder it on Thursday, but we had a good time at dinner on Wednesday. We went to a local restaurant and the meals there are very tasty. Time passed so fast. We are leaving here in 2 weeks. I think I will miss this place a lot.
Dinner time with Yushih.