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Weekly Report (September 14 to 20)

Ya-Fang Cheng, Sept. 20
“IMOG” (The international meeting of Organic Geochemistry) was held this week, so many lab members went to the meeting, including Solveig and Rebecca. Though Gonzalo would not be in the office everyday because of being busy with his PhD thesis, there is a new member, who is called Agata, in the office with me. Agata is from Poland, and she is new PhD student supervised by Dr. Jan-Hendrik Hehemann. What I did this week was mainly to identify the GC-MS results measured last week. At first, it was a little difficult for me because it was my first time to identify peaks; however, I

The peaks identified.

found it was not so hard afterward, and Gonzalo was really nice that he taught me some concepts and knacks, helping me a lot. I really like to learn new things and make something unfamiliar became my own knowledge. Rebecca will teach me how to quantity the peak next week, so I will get more information of our sample then.
My classmate in senior high school came to Germany as an exchange student in Wurzburg in the coming semester, and she visited me with her friend this week, so I gave her and her friends a little city tour after work. In addition, I cooked for them in the guest house the next day, and they both said I was a good cook! I thought my cooking skills really improved a lot about cooking! On Saturday, I went to Hamburg with them for some souvenir shopping 
My friends and I are in Hamburg. (Ada, Wendy and Lily (from left to right).
and we enjoyed eating “herring” in a shop called “Daniel Wischer” which was recommended by Rebecca.

The pasta I cooked for my friends.

The “Herring” in Daniel Wischer.

Honestly, as the new semester in Taiwan started, there were many things for me to deal with in Taiwan, and I hope I can handle well about everything here and Taiwan.