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Weekly Report (August 24 to 30)

Kuang-Ting Hsiao, Aug. 29

Prepare to dilute the samples.
The days we stay in Bremen is start to countdown, there were the last two weeks we stay in Germany. This week my project was worked to the final stage. The sample which I bring from Taiwan was analyzed with HPLC, however the result was not good as what we expected. The lipid biomarker of bacteria was very hard to identify, that may because the concentration of the sample was too
low to be detected. So I injected the higher concentration to analyze, I hope that I can see some biomarker signal in my samples.

On the other hand, the project which I assisted Thomas to work was also done. Last week I extracted all of the sample whether the culture one or the environment sample, and this week we start to prepare for analyzed in HPLC. The concentration of the samples were very high, so before we injected the sample, we needed to dilute the samples. Otherwise, the methods run for archea lipid and bacteria lipid were very different, so we need to dissolve the samples in different solvent. Unlike the reversed phase used in the bacteria lipid biomarkers, the archea lipid biomarkers were run in normal phase. Thomas said we can see the result and discussed it next week that was so excited because I can involve in this project.
This week is Lubeka’s master defense, her project was about the stable isotope probing used in the bacteria fatty acid. After the defense had a small party to celebrate Lubeka pass the test.

Last weekend we went to the capital of the Germany, Berlin. Something surprised me that there were less people on the street. That was 

The party after the defense.
unlike the other capitals in other country, the impression Berlin gave to me was silence and felt stressful. That may relate the history of the WW2, what left a big scar to this city.

The Berlin wall.

Night view of Brandengurg gate.