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Weekly Report (August 17 to 23)

Ya-Ling Guo, Aug. 21

The little mermaid!
Last weekend we went to Copenhagen and came back on Monday. There is a beautiful place but the price is very very high. We are shocked by the price. A bottle of cola took 30 DKK. It’s about 150 NTD. In the day that we visited the weather was nice that it didn’t rain and the temperature made me feel comfortable. We went to some famous viewpoints like the little mermaid, round tower, Nyhavn, and so on. However, I was not used to the food there and I think the food in Germany is better than Denmark. To my astonishment, the train that pick us from Copenhagen to Hamburg hit a big trees at the day we were back
to Germany and the train couldn’t pick us to Hamburg anymore. So, the company of the train prepare the bus to pick us back to Hamburg. But we waited so long and there are so many people on the train, it’s about 3 hours delayed. At the time we arriveed Bremen it was about 12 o’clock. We were totally exhausted. It’s really an unforgettable experience.

We backed to work on Tuesday. However, there were only few people in the lab. Tomas said most people are in the vacation. It was a little not used to the few people lab. I kept powdering my rock sample and hope I can powder as much as I

A big aquarium in Denmark.

The methane isotope on GC-IRMS screen.
can. Luckily, I finished one sample on Wednesday. So, now I got six sample left. It’s an exciting news! Weichao taught me how to manual inject the methane into IRMS and taught me how to read the graph on the computer on Wednesday. It’s interesting. But there is a big power cut no Thursday, whole building had no electricity in the early morning. At the time we came to lab, the hood

still not working. So I just went to fill the liquid nitrogen and did some computer works. I was planning to finish another sample on Friday if I can do the experiment on Thursday. That seems I have no chance to finish another sample this week…. 

We finally ate the chicken leg in mensa.