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Weekly Report (September 7 to 13)

Ya-Fang Cheng, Sept. 13
We dealt with the samples last week, and we plan to measure on GC-FIC and GC-MS this week. After derivatisation, we found out that there seemed to be some sulfur fragments inside which was not allowed to appear in GC-MS measurement. However, we decided to check the amount of the organic matter first by using GC-FID. Fortunately, we got a good result 
The result of GC-FID.
after GC-FID measurement, i.e., no contamination, signal of standard, and peaks of organic matters! Rebecca and I were so happy about the result and we did sulfur removing again so that we could measure in GC-MS. We also had a fine result of GC-MS measurement with two different concentrations (1 of 50 and 1 of 100, respectively). As a result, I will try to identify the peaks we had in the samples by myself next week, and I think I will learn a lot from it!

Removing particle by putting fluid in the Pasteur pipette with some glass wool and Na2SO4.

Ready to start the measurement with GC-MS.

Time flies, Eddie and Yalin went back to Taiwan on Tuesday. I really appreciated both of them because they not only did help me a lot about everything, but also we had a good time in everything we experienced. Since I am alone here, I will learn to be independent and enjoy the precious opportunity!

By the way, Thomas invited us to have an after-work reunion to enjoy “Haxe” in a restaurant called Paulaner’s near city center on Monday. Many people went to the reunion and it was my first time to join this kind of after-work reunion with them. I tried and finished the 1L beer; Xavier was impressed! “Haxe” was so great but it was too big for Yalin and me to finish. In addition, there was the “summer feast”, which was held for all people in Marum once a year, on Friday. I think it was a good idea to gather all the people from different groups together to make another chance of interaction among them, and some of them took their family to the feast!

“Haxe and Beer“ reunion on Monday (Heidi, Rishi, Thomas, Weichao, Lily, Eddie, Yalin and Lars (from left to right)).

The annual summer feast.