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Weekly Report (August 16 to 23)

Kuang-Ting Hsiao, Aug. 21
Last Friday we went to Copenhagen, Denmark. However this journey was full of challenges to us, we meet up many troubles. When we came to train station and want to active our Eurail pass (a kind of train pass ticket), we found that the time what we reserved was wrong. Unfortunately, the train we wanted to take was no empty seats, we need to take another one and transfer four times.

Train station of Copenhagen.

Finally, after 12 hours, we arrived Copenhagen. I ever heard that the commodity price in Northern Europe is expensive, but I never think that was so dramatic. The price is five times higher than Taiwan. Copenhagen was actually a fantastic city, full of energy and dreamy. This city just like the fairy tale world written by Hans Anderson. In the street of the Copenhagen, you can found something interesting everywhere. On the way back to Germany, the train hit a big tree. The train could not continue to drive, so we needed to back to the last station and transfer the bus. Because of the accident, when we back to Bremen, we had totally delayed about four hours.

The Little Mermaid.

The oldest amusement park of the world.
This week were few people in the lab, Thomas said that they were went to holiday. And I need to finish all of the experiment before the end of the week, so I need to seize the time to finish it. After finish the extraction, I can start to analysis the sample on next week. Another good news was that Thomas told me I can start to prepare the sample which I bring from Taiwan.

This week was totally a month I came to Bremen, I have adapted the life in the Germany and lab. By the way, this weekend I will go to the captain of the Germany, Berlin, where is ever the most important historic city after WWII.