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Weekly Report (August 10 to 16)

Ya-Ling Guo, Aug. 14

Cryomill only fits this kind of sample.
I kept powdering my rock samples all the week. There is a good news is that I finish one rock sample on Wednesday. Now I got seven samples left. It seems that if I crack the big rock samples into smaller pieces that will be more efficient to use cryomill to powder it. However, it might be too much work for cryomill or due to the thermal expansion and contraction so there are some cracks on the machine and on the plastic part. Xavie said if there are no new cracks appear then I can keep using it. I hope there will not be some accident happened again with the cryomill. 
On Thursday, one of our mentor, Felix, had a defense with his PHD degree at two p.m. He did a good job on the defense and graduated from his PHD. That’s really awesome. There is still another defense at five p.m. in the same day. It is Kevin. I think I saw him before on the IODP skype test. He also did a good job and graduated from his PHD. I think the most difference between the defense in Taiwan and in Germany is that they are in English but the local language. Both of them and their family invited all the lab members to join the BBQ. Everybody drank beer and chatted with each other. The atmosphere is happy and full of 

Kai looks satisfied about Felix defense.

Felix, Yushih, and me.

blessing to Felix and Kevin. We left the BBQ at nine p.m. However, there are still a lot of people drinking there. Everybody is happy. Although everyone drank late, they still came to lab as usual on Friday. That’s really surprise! However, all the lab is almost empty at three o’clock. Only few people left. Everyone heads for their weekend!

The beers in the BBQ.