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Weekly Report (August 10 to 16)

Kuang-Ting Hsiao, Aug. 14
Like the ordinary day in the every week, something special happened in this week. We had a new member joined with us, Lily came to Germany on Tuesday. Yalin and me help she settled up every things and introduced the environment. However she felt very tired because of the jet leg.
Another big thing was that Felix and Kevin’s PhD defensed. That was so interesting, because that was the first time I participate PhD defense. After the defense, there would had a small party to celebrate they got the PhD. At that time the special regalia cap and gown, made by lab members, would be taken out. They said that was the traditional ceremony to celebrate the pass of the defense. At the night, the lab hold on a BBQ party. Everyone enjoyed in the pleasure atmosphere and the delicious food. That was truly an unforgettable experience for me. BBQ party was a good place to exchange the different experience of life.

Felix and me.

Felix and Kevin.

Foods prepared for BBQ party.

BBQ party.
On the Wednesday, Thomas told me that me that want to discuss the future work. He told me that he had a project that want to compare the recovery between the two different extraction methods. Otherwise he wanted to analysis the TEX86 of the environment samples. TEX86 is the index to rebuild the sea water temperature in the past of the earth. TEX86 was based on the ratio of the different GDGTs (one kind of lipid construction in archea). Thomas said the result may be very interesting, because no one ever use this method to analysis TEX86. 

This weekend we will go to Copenhagen, the capital of the Denmark. This is the first time I take the train to cross the countries, so I felt very excited and expect the journey in Denmark.