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Weekly Report (August 03 to 09)

Ya-Ling Guo, Aug. 9
This is a week that full of lots experiments. I extracted fatty acid on Monday, started powdering my rock sample on Tuesday, and kept powdering then from Tuesday to Friday.

Filling liquid nitrogen.
The liquid nitrogen consumed so fast! Although the liquid nitrogen tank is 50 liter, I consumed 50 liter per day. However, the 50 liter liquid nitrogen only supports the cryomill for powdering half a day. I’m afraid that if I could not powder all of my rock samples…… Also, the process to fill the liquid nitrogen is a little time consuming and I can not fill the liquid nitrogen alone that
Weichao has to keep my company, because Xavie said that guest doesn’t have the authority to fill the liquid nitrogen alone. So, the process to fill the liquid nitrogen is that I have to take the trolly downstairs, bring it to carry the liquid nitrogen tank, and bring it to first floor to fil the liquid nitrogen. All process might takes two hours if I’m lucky. But if I’m not lucky, it might take all the morning. It depends that if there are some people to fill the liquid nitrogen earlier than me. However, to my surprise, here has the liquid nitrogen maker! That looks super cool and the room to fill the liquid nitrogen has lots of machine that looks high-class. There are a professional technician in that room. Every time I went to fill the liquid nitrogen that he was fixing the GC and he is very serious.
After powdering the rock all week, I finally finished ONE sample. Although I have eight samples left…… On Thursday, one screw of the cryomill was loose, so when I started the machine all machine was shaking!!! I was really scared at that time because the noise is very loud and the machine was jumping! So, I told Weichao the problem and he told Julius to help us. That we just found there is a screw loose. I think after powdering all my samples that I can be the expert of cryomill….
Shaking machine.

Super cool drilling machine.

Old school train.