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Weekly Report (August 24 to 30)

Ya-Fang Cheng, Aug. 27

Trip to Berlin: Eddie, Yalin and I ate the must-eat currywurst!
After trip to Berlin, I finally started lab work of my summer project this week, though it was on Thursday. Reading all the time could sometimes be a little boring, some lab works are needed for me after being immersed in literature. Rebecca finished her master thesis defense on Wednesday. She spoke English fluently and really did a great job on both presentation and answering questions. I hope I'll be able to have my master defense and transfer my thoughts clearly to the audience in English as well... I gave Rebecca a case of chocolate as a congratulatory present and her birthday present (I glimpsed her birthday was on Friday on the calendar of Kai’s lab); she said she liked it! 

Rebecca with the chocolate I gave her and I.

After Rebecca’s defense: I love the cake prepared by Rebecca’s mom!
Besides, I also met Yushih in Marum on Wednesday, and Yushih is my lab leader in Taiwan and also studied her PhD and postdoc here. Everyone in the lab was surprised and glad her coming because they missed her a lot! Before Yushih came, lots of people asked me about Yushih! Our Taiwanese lab reunion in the evening was so great in Crossini.

Taiwanese lab reunion: Eddie, Yalin, Yushih and Lily (left to right)

Samples were put in the frozen dryer.
As to experiments, Rebecca and I planed to start extraction and removing sulfur next week, so we have to dry the samples beforehand. In brief, we took out the samples from -20 degrees Celsius freezer and then weighed the samples we needed, and then used frozen dryer to make them dryer through the weekend.
We are going to Zurich this weekend! Our main purpose is to visit our ex-lab member Longhui Deng! I can not wait to chat with him, enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air there!