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Weekly Report (August 03 to 09)

Kuang-Ting Eddie Hsiao, Aug. 9
This week was truly very busy, on the one hand I need to help Felix did the extraction experiment. On the other hand, I need to process my purified experiment with Hybride SPE column. Although the days in lab were busy, I learned many things during the internship. Felix was very busy this week, because he needed to prepare for his doctor oral examination. So he ask Thomas led me to do the new experiment.
SPE extraction system.
This new experiment was very similar to the Bligh and Dyer extraction method, but Thomas just adapt some steps and the solvent used in the experiment. The biggest different between the new method and the Bligh and Dyer one, was that the new one hydrolysis the sample before ultrasonic extracted. Thomas said that might increase recovery of the biomass. So he wanted to compare the different between this two methods. That was very interesting for me, because I also want to know the result of the new method. If the method could increase the recovery of the biomass, that might suit for used in the deep sea environment. However the experiment what we did now just use the culture sample, not the real sample obtained from the environment. Another problem was that the environment was full of “matrix”, we need to exclude the matrix effect. Another interesting thing was that the way they washed the glass by the dish washer. That was very different with Taiwan.
The dish washer.
Last week we went to Asia market to buy the rice, however we didn’t have rice cooker. Fortunately, Rishi told us that he had two rice cooker in his home, so he can lend us one. Finally, we can start to cook some Asia food. By the way, there are many small villages near berman, and there are the good place to relax after a busy weekday.
The village Ritterhude.