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Weekly Report (July 27 to August 2)

Ya-Ling Guo, Aug. 2
This week was full of experiment. I learned how to use cryomill with liquid nitrogen on Monday, preparing samples for Bligh and Dyer and doing some pretreatment on Tuesday, extracting samples (Bligh and Dyer) on Wednesday, blowing the samples with nitrogen on Thursday, and powdering my samples with cryomill on Friday. It’s  good to be so efficient.

Nitrogen blowing.

Nitrogen blowing.
Cryomill is a really cool and dangerous machine because all the steps of using it with liquid nitrogen are complicate. I can not fasten the chamber too tight or it might not open again because the liquid nitrogen cools down the machine rapidly and the chamber will shrink. I also can not fasten it too loose or the samples might spilt out while shaking and I have to wear a thick gloves when using the machine. Because the liquid nitrogen tank is outside the cryomill, so when the machine is running, bottom of the tank, the connection tube, and the chamber will be super cold. If I touch these part with normal gloves, I will stick on it and get hurt.
Cryomill with liquid nitrogen.

Cracking rock.
However, the samples that I brought was too big for the chamber. I need to crack them into smaller pieces. So, I do the same thing here before I came. That is to crack the rock with the bowl that I brought. It’s a little embarrassed because when I was cracking the samples, there will be a loud noise. I’m afraid to bother other people in the lab. So, I closed the door on the aisles but it still have some noise. Eddie told me that  
when I was cracking the rocks, there are some people look around outside the window to see what I was doing…… It’s a hard working week.

This weekend our big brother Longhui was coming. We went to the city center of Bremen to look around on Saturday and Longhui bought a lot of things here because he said Zurich is too expensive and every things here are so cheap. At Saturday night we had a Chinese hot spot at the dorm. It was lots of fun to be reunion!

Our big brother!