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Weekly Report (August 16 to 23)

Ya-Fang Cheng, Aug. 23
This is my second week of the summer internship, and it started with the end of the weekend trip to Copenhagen. I have to say, the trip was absolutely unforgettable; it was not only because the buildings in 

We visited the National Denmark Aquarium.

The little mermaid, Yalin, Eddie and me.

All the passengers got off train because of the train accident.
Copenhagen were so attractive to me, but also because the transportations to there and back to Bremen were too strict to forget, i.e., a wrong date of seat reservation and an accident causing the damaged train! In the other hand, it could be lucky to experience those things; after all, it made the trip become unusual.
Solveig came back this week, and it was nice because I could discuss my summer project with her. Solveig is a geomicrobiologist, and she uses the lipid biomarkers, stable carbon isotope and labeling techniques to figure out the link between organisms and ecosystem functioning, as well its influences on carbon cycle in different aquatic settings. What’s more, she focuses her research on the shallow hydrothermal vents recent years, and she has been to some shallow vents around the world, for example, Milos, Dominica, 
Iceland, etc. Besides, we sampled together in the shallow hydrothermal system off Kuishan Island in May. Above all, it’s really a great opportunity for me to learn from her about some microbial knowledge of shallow vents what I am not familiar with at all and it’s also related to my given project in Taiwan. Since I am just a starter in this new field and Rebecca who is going to have her master defense next Wednesday, my work this week basically is to read some papers or background
A lot of background knowledge is always needed during the research: reading basic information about biomarker.
knowledge related to lipid extraction and biomarker, and some experimental protocols. In addition, we checked the timetable of frozen dryer, and we planed to start to deal with the sample next Thursday (it was originally supposed to do this Friday).

The new building where my seat was moved to!
I changed my seat to the other building where Solveig’s team located, but I still went to Mensa to eat lunch with others this week. I enjoyed chatting with different people during the lunch though it would be great if I could speak German. Fortunately, I can speak English, and we also chatted about the usage of languages and the accent around the world this week.