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Weekly Report (July 27 to August 02)

Kuang-Ting Hsiao, Aug. 2

A sunny day after rain.
The weather in Bremen always changed. That maybe a big sunny day at the last moment, and start to rain suddenly. The unpredictable weather also troubled me so much. I usually wear a short T-shirt in the morning because of the strong sunny day, and the temperature start to drop down five to six degrees in the afternoon. Therefor if you want to survive in the Bremen or northern Europe, carry a jacket everyday was become an important thing.
This week I started to process my own sample, and the protocol which I ran was followed Zhu et al.(2013). After the sample was processed with the Hybride SPE cartridge, Felix help me to inject the sample into high- performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The method we used to detect bacterial intact polar lipids (IPLs) was HILIC, the normal phase chromatography. The materials were be separated from low polarity to high polarity in normal phase. However, the result do not look too good, the abundance of the bacterial IPLs were very low and hard to identify. That may because of the concentration we injected to HPLC was too low (1% of the sample). To solve this problem we may adopt two strategies, one was concentrated higher concentration. The other was do the SPE extraction again. At the last, we decided to inject 10% of the purified fraction.

The data of HPLC.
Through the two weeks to get along with the scientist in MARUM, I felt that attitude was very important. They would always focused on what they do. That was worth to learn. By the way, Long-Hui came from Zurich to Bremen this weekend.
Long-Hui and me.