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Weekly Report (July 20 to 26)

Ya-Ling Guo, Jul. 26

Yaling in front of the MARUM building.
This week happened lots of things. We arrived on Tuesday, looking around the lab on Wednesday, starting preparing for experiment on Thursday, and doing experiment on Friday. It’s hard to imagine we can do lots of thing in the short time. I really thanks Birgit a lot! She help us to solve many problems about the guest house like she bought us to the guest house in person, also brought us to pay the fee of our dorm and asked us to go to a German class but it’s start on September and once a week. I want to the class but I might get to the first class then back to Taiwan… She is really considerate and adorable. I like her!
We went to Hamburg this Saturday. It’s totally different with Bremen. Hamburg has lots of people and shops. We had a great time there. Bremen is elegant and has small house, small street and so on. People here could not speak English well. For example, at the day we arrived the taxi driver could not speak English, so we took the address of MARUM and use the google translate to let him know where we were going. The second example is when we went to apply the student identity of the trams in Bremen, the person who helped us to apply the identity that said we had a bad luck because he’s English is bad and people here all speak German…… I was a little shock then. However, I also learned some simple German like Danke, salz, zuger and so on.

The view of the tram in Bremen University.

A tourist in Hamburg.
About the lab life is great. Everyone in the lab are nice and they would asked us to Mensa with them and help us to order the meals. Heidi and Rishih also invited us to have a drink at Beer garden with Brandy, Travix, Felix and so on. Our experiment mentor are also nice too. Weichao is my mentor. He teach me to do the extract of Bligh and Dyer . He want to extract the fatty acid of sediment and at the end to analyze by IRMS. While Felix and Julius helped me to use the cryomill. Julius taught Felix and me how to use the machine in room temperature and next Monday Julius might teach Felix and me how to use with liquid nitrogen. I enjoy the first week here!

Doing B and D extract!

The sausage is great!