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Weekly Report (August 10 to 16)

Ya-Fang Cheng, Aug. 14
On August 10th, I got on the plane and started the journey to Bremen, and I was so excited but also a little nervous because this was my first time to travel alone and deal with all things including transferring airplane from Amsterdam to Bremen by myself.  However, right after I arrived Bremen, my dear lab members in Taiwan, Yalin and Eddie, who came to Bremen three weeks earlier than me, picked me up at the airport, helping me to settle down in the guest house. I appreciated them so much and it was really good to have someone to accompany and help me to adapt to this new environment.

Settling down: my room.

Me and Marum: I was so excited to have this internship.
The next day, the internship life officially started! I woke up early and prepared myself to go to Marum. I met Rishi again and he was so friendly that he invited me to eat lunch in “Mensa” with the group. Birgit, who arranged lots of things for us beforehand, organized many things for me, including some papers for student identification, my seat in the lab and she also took me to another building where Solveig’s
Food in Mensa.
and Rebecca’s office were. After having lunch in Mensa with Rebecca, Rishi and other group members, Xavier, the technician, told me some general laboratory regulations so that I can do some lab work in the lab. In addition, I talked to Prof. Hinrichs (Kai), who was the leader of the lab, and we discussed about my project during the internship. Since Solveig will be in lab next Monday, we decided to discuss with her for the entire plan. Before this, Kai was so thoughtful and he let me to learn from Thomas who can teach me new things about extracting lipid from samples or other experimental skills, and it was always good for me to learn fresh things! Plus, I was really impressed by the big core storage where Thomas put his sediment samples, and there was really big with lots of core samples.
The most important things this week in the lab must be the two PhD students’ defenses on Thursday. Felix was talking about using TEX86 as an indicator of SST, and he presented confidently. Kevin used quinones on the membrane to check different kind of archaea in the marine environments, I thought he gave a nice talk because he presented not only great but also in an easier way for people to understand. I think I have to work much harder to present my research as well as they did some day! After the defense, they prepared champagne, juice, cookies, and other desserts outside, I was so happy to be one of them. The other lab members prepared the “graduated hat” for them, but also the academic dress with signatures of all graduated PhD students in Hinrichs lab, and we found Yushih’s name was on the left sleeve! 

Saying Congratulaions to Felix!

Felix and Kevin in the graduated hat.

There was a barbecue party afterwards, I chatted with several people, and it was really a good chance to know people more through conversing leisurely.  The atmosphere at the moment was so amazing; people gathered around, drank beer, ate tasty meat or German sausages, and chatted and laughed to our hearts’ content…