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Weekly Report (July 20 to 26)

Kuang-Ting Hsiao, Jul. 26
After 20 hours flight, I landing in the Bremen Airport. Everything was interesting to me. After we arrive MARUM, Bergin and Rhishi come out to greet us. And bring us to dorm room to settle ourselves.

MARUM and me.
Our mentors in Germany were Felix and Weichao, the first day of our internship all of we introduce our background and the work we are going on. Felix was a kind person although who with a little serious. He research on the microorganism lipid biomarker analysis with HPLC. Weichao’s research was about the bacteria incubation and analysis the carbon isotope with GC-IRMS. Then they brought us to visit the lab and tell us what should take care for. After the brief introduction, we need to make the decision that who was my supervisor in the next 

two months. After the consideration, I thought Felix maybe suitable for me. The research Felix which undergoing now was similar with what I do I in Taiwan, and the analysis skill of HPLC was a new challenge for me. Felix just can offer the knowledge of HPLC, so I thought Felix may be the best choice to me.

The extraction experiment.
The first task Felix assigned to me in the first week was to extraction. Although I have done the extraction in Taiwan, come to the new lab need to adapt the environment again. However this time the sample we would extract was a material like clay, not sediment I ever extracted in the past. Felix told us that that was the substrate used to culture of archea in the lab. The extraction was mostly similar what I ever did, so that was not difficult to me.

After the experiment, Rishi invited us to drink some “local Germany bear” with other guys in lab. That was so excited to me, because Germany is the country of beer. I thought beer was almost the great invention of the world. I like beer and the life in Bremen.

Beer with sausage.

The famous statue in Bremen.