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Platform of Organic Geochemistry



Name Position Phone
Email Responsibility
Yuan-Pin Chang Assist. Prof. 5161 Supervisor of the GC-FID/MS
Yu-Shih Lin Assist. Prof. 5142
yushih(at) Supervisor of the IRMS
Ai-Lin Lyu  Assistant (administrative) 5157 sophie(at) Administration, budget management
Mei-Hui (Doris) Huang Assistant (technical) 5492
dorish(at) Lab manager


Training Course

Currently there is no scheduled training course from the POG group.

Training courses in the past:

Date Lecturers Handouts
March 24, 2014 Yu-Shih Lin
Mmeng-Shen Huang
Handout#1 (ch)
Handout#2 (ch)
April 25, 2017 Mmeng-Shen Huang Available upon request


Terms of Service

Click the following links to learn more about our service or to submit samples.

The following documents are available only in Chinese. Contact Profs. Yuan-Pin Chang or Yu-Shih Lin if you wish to know the details in English.

Name of document Download
Terms of service Link
Procedure of analysis (please read it before sample submission) Link
Appedix I: Specification Link
Appendix II: Charge of service (update: Mar. 31, 2018) Link
Appendix III: Declaration Link
Sample submission form: GC-FID/GC-MS Link
Sample submission form: Py-GC-MS Link
Sample submission form: GC-IRMS Link
Sample submission form: EA-IRMS Link
Sample submission form: DI-IRMS Link
Sample submission form: DIC and DOC analysis Link


How to Submit Samples?

Fill out the sample submission form and email it to Ms. Mei-Hui (Doris) Huang.