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Platform of Organic Geochemistry



Name Position Phone
Email Responsibility
Yuan-Pin Chang Assist. Prof. 5161 Supervisor of the GC-FID/MS
Yu-Shih Lin Assist. Prof. 5142
yushih(at) Supervisor of the IRMS
Ai-Lin Lyu  Assistant (administrative) 5157 sophie(at) Administration, budget management
Shu-Han (Kylie) Chang Assistant (technical) 5492
ashley331711(at) Lab manager


Training Course

Currently there is no scheduled training course from the POG group.

Training courses in the past:

Date Lecturers Handouts
March 24, 2014 Yu-Shih Lin
Mmeng-Shen Huang
Handout#1 (ch)
Handout#2 (ch)


Terms of Service

Click the following links to learn more about our service or to submit samples, or refer to our page under the website of  NSYSU Joint Laboratories .

The following documents are available only in Chinese. Contact Profs. Yuan-Pin Chang or Yu-Shih Lin if you wish to know the details in English.

Name of document Download
Terms of service Link
Procedure of analysis (please read it before sample submission) Link
Appedix I: Specification Link
Appendix II: Charge of service (update: Jun. 1, 2015) Link
Appendix III: Declaration Link
Sample submission form: GC-FID/GC-MS Link
Sample submission form: Py-GC-MS Link
Sample submission form: GC-IRMS Link
Sample submission form: EA-IRMS Link
Sample submission form: DI-IRMS Link
Sample submission form: DIC and DOC analysis Link


How to Submit Samples?

Fill out the sample submission form and email it to Ms. Shu-Han (Kylie) Chang.