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Platform of Organic Geochemistry (POG)

Coordinated with Prof. Yuan-Pin Chang's group, we established the "Platform of Organic Geochemitry (POG)", which belongs to the consortia of "Joint Laboratories" at the NSYSU. Currently (2014) there are two major instruments: 

(1) a gas chromatograph equipped with a flame ionization detector or a quadrupolar mass spectrometer, and 

(2) an isotope ratio mass spectrometer with both dual inlet and continuous flow (via an elemental analyzer or a gas chromatograph) modes. 

POG is dedicated for the characterization and understanding of the quantity, molecular, and isotopic composition of organic matter in natural environments. Click here to know more about the terms of service, pricing policy, and examples of application. Click the photos in the following table to know more about the facility.







Yuan-Pin Chang


Thermo Fisher Scientific

Yu-Shih Lin


Acknowledgements. The instruments and supporting infrastructure of POG is funded by the National Sun Yat-Sen University following the Regulations Governing Support for Key Academic Research (2012), the Ministry of Education through the Aim for the Top University Plan (2012, granted to the Asian-Pacific Ocean Research Center), and the National Science Council (now Ministry of Science and Technology) through the grants to YPC and YSL (2012). Thre POG would not have been possible without the encouragement and support from the Dean of the College of Marine Science (Prof. Houng-Yung Chen), the Chairman of the Department of Oceanography (Prof. Hui-Ling Lin), and Sun Yat-sen Chair Prof. Chen-Tung Arthur Chen.

Other Lab Facility

The Marine Micropaleontology Lab (led by Prof. Yuan-Pin Chang) and the Isotope Biogeochemistry Lab (led by Prof. Yu-Shih Lin) are equipped with infrastructure for field work, basic wet (organic) chemistry, and vaccum line systems for advanced sample pretreatment. Click the items in the following table to know more about each item.

Type Items
Filed work
  • Core liners with silicon stoppers
  • Rhizon suction samplers
  • Hand and pedal pumps
Basic wet (organic) chemistry
  • Fume hoods (book)
  • Freeze dryer
  • MilliQ generator
  • Four-digit balance (book)
  • Ultrasonicators
  • Manifold for solid-phase extraction
  • TurboVap
  • MiniVap
  • Muffle furnance
  • Oven
  • Incubator
Vacuum line
  • Vacuum line system for d13C-DIC