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The moment

The precious moment shared with the lab cohorts.

Rebecca's visit, Nov 2016

The visit of PhD student Rebecca Aepfler from the DFG-Emmy-Noether-Group "Hydrothermal Geomicrobiology" of MARUM, Univ. Bremen, for data discussion and scientific presentation of the collaborated project "Kueishantao" (2016/10/27-11/09).

Sea test of the Oktopus Multicorer, Oct 2016

Sea test of the Oktopus MC600 Multicorer to practice deployment and retrieval, and to check recovery (OR3-1959).

Field trip in the low metamorphic zone, Sept 2016

Sampling in the S, Z and PP facies (2016/09/22-23).

Yalin's defense, Aug 2016

Photos of Yalin's defense and the celebration afterwards (2016/08/26).

Short cruise to Kueishantao, Aug 2016

A one-day cruise focusing on sampling vent fluids of the Kueishantao shallow-water hydrothermal system (2016/8/9).

Conference in the US, Jul 2016

Attending an international conference on organic geochemistry (2016/7/24 - 7/29).

Group retreat

A colorful trip with Burr's family in Taitung.

Dry test of the Oktopus Multicorer, June 2016

Dry test of the Oktopus MC600 Multicorer to check the trigger mechanism.

Pearl River Mouth, June 2016

A hydrodynamic and biogeochemical research cruise (OR3-1937) by the R/V Ocean Researcher III at the Pearl River Mouth. It is also the first test cruise of the OR3 in situ pump (2016/6/1 - 6/6).


Taiwan Geosciences Assembly, May 2016

The largest domestic meeting held every three years for the geoscience community. The 2016 TGA was in the Nankang Exhibition Hall.

TaiGer VI Meeting, April 2016

The 6th Taiwan-Germany Meeting (in Kiel) on Gas Hydrate Study in the northern South China Sea.

Dinner, January 2016

Thank-you dinner for the members of Yuan-Pin and Yu-Shih's groups.