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Art of making a vacuum line system

Record of the construction of a glass vaccum line, a work of art by Mr. Yung-Hui Yeh, a highly respected glass blower (2014/11/03-07).

Back to Four-Way Closure

Photos from the cruise OR3-1806, led by Prof. Hsin-Hung Chen and Dr. Yu-Shih Lin, to the Four-Way Closure Ridge, offshore SW Taiwan. This is also the first cruise of FOCam, developed by the UML at IUT, NSYSU (2014/10/27-31).

Hang's visit

Dr. Hang Gao's visit to Taiwan (2014/09/20-27).

Lab excursion

Lab excursion to the Kenting National Park, Hengchun, Taiwan (2014/09/12-13).

Training of sediment sampling

Photos from the cruise OR3-1785, led by Dr. Yu-Shih Lin, to MV1 and MV12 offwhore SW Taiwan (2014/08/01-03).

Test cruise of ATIS-MUC

Photos from the cruise OR3-1775, led by Dr. Yu-Shih Lin, to the area offshore SW Taiwan. The ATIS-MUC, developed by the UML at IUT, NSYSU, was deployed to retrieve cores for the first time (2014/06/24-26).

Tidal flat of the Yangtze River Estuary

Photos from the third cruise, led by Dr. Hang Gao, to the tidal flat of the Yangtze River estuary. Participants: Hang Gao, Yu-Shih Lin, Longhui Deng, and Tianli Sun (2014/05/7-10).

Kueishantao (Turtle Mountain Insel) cruise, April 28-29, 2014

Photos from the cruise, coordinated by Prof. Arthur Chen-Tung's group, to the Kueishantao, Ilan, Taiwan (2014/04/28-29).

Field trip across the major mountain ranges of Taiwan, March 28-31, 2014

A field trip collecting metamorphic rocks along the central E-W cross-island highway. Participants: Yuan-Pin Chang, Yu-Shih Lin, Longhui Deng, Ruei-Long Guo, Ya-Ling Guo.

Yushih's house warming, February 2014

A home party with the dean, group members, and other students.

Dinner, January 2014

List of members: [Female, L to R] Ailin Sophie Ku, Yushih Lin, Wan-rong Tsai, Shu-han Chang; [Male, L to R] Ruei-lung Guo, Mmeng-shen Huang, Yuan-pin Chang, Fu-yi Wu, Ming-chang Wang, Chi-yung Lin, Chin-chih Chen, Longhui Deng, Chun-hung Lu.