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Gas hydrate field in northern South China Sea 

Photos taken during the cruise Ocean Researcher V - 1311, Nov 4-14, 2013

Group photo, September 2013

List of members: [Front, L to R] Chun-hung Lu, Yuan-pin Chang*, Yushih Lin*, Ailin Sophie Lu; [Middle, L to R] Wei-han Shen, Ruei-lung Guo, Chih-yung Lin, Ming-chang Wang, Wan-rong Tsai, Shu-han Chang, Fu-yi Wu, Chin-chih Chen, Bo-ren Wang; [Back, L to R] Long-hui Deng, Mmeng-shen Huang. (* group leaders)


One-day field trip along the coast of Shanghai

Photos from the one-day trip from Nanhui to Xiaoyang Islet (2013/08/21). 

Tidal Flat of the Yangtze River Estuary

Photos from the first cruise, led by Dr. Hang Gao (Tongji University), to the tidal flat of the Yangtze River estuary (2013/04/14-20). 

Lab Journal (March 29, 2013)

A snapshop of a day in the lab.

Guaymas Basin, Gulf of California

The Guaymas Basin is one of the few hydrothermal fields covered with thick organic-rich sediment in the world. It is a natural laboratory to study the effects of heat on sedimentary dissolved organic matter. Picture were taken during the cruise R/V Atlantis AT15/56 (2009).