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The group leader, Dr. Yu-Shih Lin, started her career at the Institute of Marine Geology and Chemistry (now Department of Oceanography), National Sun Yat-Sen University in December, 2012. The team will focus on the study of sedimentary dissolved organic matter (DOM) for the first five years (2013-2017). The key questions include:

  • How do subseafloor biogeochemical processes produce, alter, or consume DOM in interstitial waters?
  • What is the composition of sedimentary DOM?
  • How does benthic DOM efflux influence seawater DOM?


Currently, we are using the following materials to address process-specific questions:

  • Yangtze River Estuary, China: effects of nitrogen-based redox processes on DOM
  • Northern South China Sea: effects of methane oxidation on DOM
  • Guaymas Basin, Gulf of California: effects of heat on DOM
  • The deep subseafloor coalbed off Shimokita, Japan: effects of a subseafloor hydrocarbon system on DOM


For current and prospective students...


Lab meeting (Autumn 2016): Room A2009 or A2040, every Wednesday at 4 pm. (joint meeting with the group of Dr. Yuan-Pin Chang)